Thursday, June 21, 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hey there, i'm on my finals right now. And i need  something to cheer me on. Come on lah,,exam je pun.haha. It's nothing,,just that i feel there's something wrong with my life. Am I okay? Well of course i'm ok. Just a lil bit tired of this exam thingy. 

But rite now, i've been thinking,,muhasabah diri. Some sorts like that. Bukan apa pn, tiba2 terfikir kenapa dalam hidup ni kadang2 kita tak boleh nak terima sesuatu yg diluar jangkaan kita. Everything happens for reasons, kan? So, why not kita just terima? Susah sangat ke? Well. sometimes we just need an explanation for something that happened in our life. Sebab manusia ni memang tamak..termasuk saya yang menulis ni juga la. 

Ok, there's a situation in my life that i had never imagined it would happen to me. There's a person that enters my life trying to be my friend. FRIEND = KAWAN. Hurmm,,supposedly semua should be ok. But then, i just don't know where and what i'm lacking in,,THE FRIEND suddenly pushes me out of THE FRIEND's life. How am i suppose to act? Just sit quietly without doing nothing or seek for solution?

Well, i guess THE FRIEND totally abandoned me now. Most latest i heard this morning that THE FRIEND already deleted my number from the contact list. JUST WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG??

Hurm,,i'm actually asking for some space due to my final,,and THE FRIEND too will be having the exam soon. So, was it so wrong? Because my intentions are fully mistakenly accepted by THE FRIEND. I'm not asking for a forever break..and what's the matter with my acceptance towards you? I already accepted you from the first we had a conversation,,although it's just through few SMSes. But now,,you're questioning my sincerity towards you??  Sorry for being rough here,,but what's in my mind is that YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CANNOT ACCEPT ME FOR BEING YOUR FRIEND.

I don't dream for this kind of relationship where we can just make friends with whoever we wanted, and then abandon them if you don't like them. Saya cuba untuk ikhlas dan saya harap awak mencuba juga untuk ikhlas terhadap saya. 

OK, sorry for any rough words that i used here that may hurt any feelings out there. I'm totally sorry and please take note that it was really not my real intention.

Assalamualaikum :)



Friday, June 15, 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt..

For the new entry, a lil bit serious i think. Not that REALLY SERIOUS matter, what i mean is SERIOUS THAN USUAL. My final's will be visiting soon, really soon. And of course, there will be a lot of circumstances that will appear during this time. Study, friendship, life.. Hurm, what else that can be besides that huh? Can't a human being just accept what is fated and be grateful for what they already have?

I've seen my family broken, and then back to happy as usual, alhamdulillah.. But for it to be cured, it's not as simple as it looks. It needs patience, LOT OF IT! But one thing that i certain of, humans are not spontaneously feel grateful for what good things that happen.

And sometimes in our lives, we had a time where we thought no one in this world were there for us. And then, i found out that we are totally wrong. ALLAH is there for us, anytime and anywhere in this world that holds us. He never forget us. It's just us that forget Him. And that's what happening in my life..too.

Almost there are times in my world that i've to choose. BAD or GOOD? BLACK or WHITE? HE or SHE? HERE or THERE? 

But then, Allah doesn't just create the problem without solution. Even if there's no one in this world can give us the certain answer, HE CAN! Through...ISTIKHARAH..

Believe in Him, with ULTIMATE BELIEVE. For He will grant something that you will never regret. InsyaAllah..

istikharah  :)


Friday, June 8, 2012


Assalamualaikum :))

Ok, untuk entry yang nie, a lil bit nervous while i'm typing this. Because,,this involves my future.
Urm, how i'm gonna say this. Ok, this is how the story goes..

I have a friend, which i knew him a bit late, i think. I'm saying this because we got so much time before, as we can be good friend so much earlier than this before he did take his first move on me. But, it's okay, i guess. And few days before, he gave me this picture..quite a reminder, i think..

by : UstazAzharIdrus

i'm quite shocked actually when i received this. Once i read the content, i realized that i never thought of something like this. Imagining how's your future husband could be, how's he doing right now, anything that could lead me to think about it, suddenly come into my mind. 

And this is how i conclude my complex thinking at that time, and probably throughout my wholelife..

'I don't dream for someone that can hug me forever, but someone that can hug his religion(Islam) throughout his life..and therefore, i'll never regret'

P/S: Thank you to YOU that gave me this sweet reminder, it sounds just like YOU in that UAI's words :)




hehe..Saje nak buat entry. Baru sampai USIM tengahari tadi, but already missing mama & home :'(
For now, pakai mama punya phone as mama got a new phone.. iphone nak hantar pegi kedai sebab microphone rosak. 

Selongkar punya selongkar then i found this picture :-

from left : mai, mama & me :)
Ya Allah, lama dah kot ambik gambar nie. During mai's guitar lesson in Tohkemy. Temankan mama tunggu isya ngn mai. Time ni balik rumah dari asrama rasenye. Rasa comel plak gambar ni (haha..perasan) puji diri sendiri xpe kan? dh xde sape nak puji..hehe..

Tue jelah..nak cakap.. 'saya rindu mama saya'


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Sorry lambat update for the second part ni. Ada orang tengok ke? haha.. tak kesah la..
But as for the 2nd part, THE DAY OF THE EVENT. Meriah sangat2! 
Thanks for all the guests,,for coming and bringing a lot of blessings for the family :)

Check out the pictures!

before guests datang..

yg nie before khatam Quran

from left: cik ilah,wak izah,kak rosmayati(bride),cik nor&faiq :)

cik ilah & her daughters :)


still romantic okayhh!!

me with my lovely cousin, fateen <3

loveable siblings! eri,nisa&fateen

our qari & qariah :)

keluarga seni ;) aren't we?

fateen aqeela zamaludin <3

from left: cik N,cik ida & cik ana :)

haiyow! pakcik herman ni  mmg sakan habis..

sweet sangattt!!

responsible person for 'berkat' hehe :D

anak dara nih :)

the groom & the bride <3

with my cousin, along :)

fateen with uncle(s) hehe..

king & queen of the day...

atas pelamin..

tepung tawar..

our tradition: BERKAT for the guests

asyren got her birthday cake! haha

pak ajis & wife, cik su :)

cik ilah & hubby, cik pi'e

here they're :))

perghh!! artis nih..

As the day ended, we had a very meaningful day as abang zahid is the first among all our cousins that had been married. Well, he's the first grandchildren of Mansor's family, not weird la kann?? hehe..

So, who's next? haha..just wait and see ;)


Sunday, June 3, 2012



Hi, since semalam dah ada kat rumah Wak Izah for Abang Zahid's wedding. I can see a lot of PINK here..hehe Seronoknya rasa..ramai orang datang, boleh rewang2. hehe.
And...Asyren's here with me (orang pahang tersadai kat semenyih ni..haha) of course, with her 'baby EOS'
Satu hari suntuk jaga RAYYAN HAIKAL-my only little bro. Ya Allah,, nak patah pinggang rasa. Budak kecik tu dah pandai berjalan, habis satu rumah wak ni dia buat 'tour' hehe..

So,,kita tengok gambar la ye? Jom!

on the way...fateen guide ;)

me with cousin <3

from left: cik nor, cik ilah..n my little bro

my sweet cousins.. :)

asyren & mai..duduk saje..haha

cantik kan?

sekitar majlis..

haii dak kecik ni..rayyan..

tadaa!! this is it!

alhamdulillah..tido dh budak nie..

got marhaban last nite.. :)

together with cukur jambul for this baby..

got tentatif program maa..thanks to fateen. Good job bebeh!

haii..bila lah..haha

ini dia..sweet kan?

puteri & faiq

again! hehe ;)

Pak Jali with his happy family..

Ok, that's all for Part 1..Part 2 will be arriving soon.. 
-Treasure your life, and the treasures will follow..